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T. Kerim,E. Sakarya: Anthology of journalistic works published...
10/12/18, 14:46

Project currency:

 ‘Anthology of journalistic works published in the national Crimean Tatar newspaper ‘Millet’ (1917 - 1920) includes: centennial forced inhibition evidence of the natural civilized process by tsarist Russia government and connected with it the global local population exile (1783-1883); the persecution of the Crimean Tatar national elite during the period of October and February revolutions (1905 - 1917) as well as during the Civil war in Crimea; the Deportation (1944 - 1989) and deliberate elimination of ethno-cultural values by the Communist Party adherents played the most important role in the Crimean Tatar nation life. Only minor part of the original printed and handwritten books, periodicals that were published during the pre-war period in Arabic or Latin were not eliminated by the adherents and they are kept in a very poor condition. Most of them are not really available and kept in private collections as well as in abroad library funds (Russia, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Germany, and the USA). This is the main problem arising in the process of learning the history, culture, language and literature of the nation. Consequently, the biggest part of the rich creative inheritance of the classical authors of the national literature and journalism is not included in the curriculum of schools and higher educational establishments, where the history of Crimean Tatar literature and journalism are taught. The original journalist materials of the newspaper ‘Millet’ (1917-1920) will be of great help for a contemporary reader to appraise reasonably the historical past of Ukraine, Russia, Crimea and other geographical country names of the world that were involved into World War I. Consequently, scientists in the field of literature, history and bibliography (A. Ayvazov, O. Akchokrakli, A. Odabash, M. Nedim, I. Kerimov, G. Yuksel, N. Yablonovskaya, A. Zarubin, H. Duman, K. Capraz, E. Goodman) who are engaged into the Crimean Tatar national press research during the prewar as well as post-war periods deal with these questions but not in full extent. These scientists’ commentaries, scientific and critical articles dealing with the questions of Crimean Tatar cultural workers reflect these problems either directly or indirectly and therefore need to be newly reconsidered. While examining the step-by-step analysis of the creative heritage of the Civil War period authors we face the number of problems connected with the evident stylistic and ideological imperfections. The bibliographical facts and transformed original texts which move from one edition to the other discredit the classics mastership. They cause the general perplexity regarded the authors’ creative potential. As it has been mentioned above, nowadays there were no global and fully investigated studies in the field that could reveal the originality of the newspaper ‘Millet’, as most pre-war Crimean Tatar preserved editions were printed in Arabic or Latin. At present only three big library depositories are known to possess some editions of ‘Millet’: ‘Russia State Library’, a library in Germany ‘Staats Bibliothek zu Berlin’ and the Crimea State Archives (CSA). In CSA that is most available for us (where the work will be held) there are nearly four hundred editions of the newspaper edited in 1917, 1918, 1919 and 1920.

Project necessity

is connected with the deported people homecoming and this matter became of great interest for the Ukrainian society to the cultural values of the Crimean Tatar. Nevertheless, the formed situation conditioned by thorough distrust and searching the reasons for stirring up the interethnic hostility in Crimea also serves as a basis for this project research.

Project Purpose:

1. Systematize culturological, social and political newspaper articles ‘Millet’;

2. Introduction of some cultural workers names into the contemporary Crimean Tatar science;

3. General characteristics of the ideological domestic policy of the press organ of the I Crimean Tatar Parliament, newspaper ‘Millet’ (‘Narod’);

4. Participation of journalist writers to the formation of Europe-oriented tendency of Crimean Tatar literature and culture in XIX and XX cc.

Project Tasks:

1. Transliteration of Crimean Tatar Arabic texts to the Cyrillic alphabet;

2. Genre and style analysis of writers’ journalist works;

3. Authors’ pseudonyms deciphering;

4. Detailed biobibliographical reference book and terminology glossary; 5. Journalist works peculiarities study and their transliteration from Arabic alphabet into the Cyrillic or Latin;

Project Subjects

are journalistic and culturological newspaper articles by N. Chelebidjihan, A. Ayvazov, A. Odabash, O. Akchokrakli, D. Kermenchikli, E. Feyzi, U. Hadji-Hasan, S. Hatif, S. Hattatov, Ya. Kemal, N. Hilmiy, B. Kabadjanov, A. Kadrizade, I. Kipchakskiy, M. Kurtiev, U. Lutfi, O. Murasov, K. Mustafin, N. Ozenbashli, M. Rifatov, D. Seydametov, A. Shamil, S. Shem’i, I. Tohtarov, S. Turupchi, Yu. Vezirov, O. Zekki and other insufficiently researched culture devotees in pre-war Crimea.

     Scientific Novelty is in the fact that the journalist works scientific collection is regarded to be the first one in the Crimean Tatar science dealing with the systematic standard press research in Crimea on a newspaper sample ‘Millet’. Over four hundred various newspaper articles will be available for the readers. These materials are different in style and genre and transliterated from Arabic alphabet into the Cyrillic one from the newspaper ‘Millet’ (‘Narod’).

Practical Value of the received results is that the original materials of Anthology will be of great help for:

1. literary workers in private and cultural life analysis of Crimean Tatars writers;

2. historians in historical facts authenticity analysis in both source materials and the following Soviet and post-Soviet period editions;

3. linguists in terminology glossary compiling, identification of language transformation of the prewar and modern Crimean Tatar language;

4. Philology Department students in learning Crimean Tatar source materials in Arabic alphabet.


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